Slow down, look around, live in the moment.
Enjoy the small things, done well.
Less stuff, fewer distractions, less stress.
Save your energy for the bike, so you can leave it all on the road.
It's that simple.


LSRF is born and raised in the home of cycling, the Netherlands - a continuous source of inspiration with its long beaches and vast dunes, woods and heath lands, cities and small towns. LSRF cycling clothing is always recognizable and always present to perform.

Performance & quality

LSRF focusses on performance, no matter the conditions. We demand the best of ourselves - our clothing should also match that attitude. Tested in real life, under extreme conditions, on adventures all over the world, we want our jerseys and bibs to keep up with our pace. 

There from the start

With ex-pro roadie turned into ultra-gravel-adventurer Laurens ten Dam as one of our founding fathers and main ambassador, we take pride in our knowledge of this game called cycling and what it demands of their players.

Europe based

Having our apparel produced in Europe and mainly in Italy, we demand a high standard of quality and expect an honest production at a fair price.